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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

pburke wrote:
asiostygius wrote:
Wow, after a busy week , I have 5 days delayed reading of our thread.
While reading, I can\'t resist to throw on here a little bit of NMFAS virus


this is an excellent lens with an excellent price and with no zoom creep + original hood!!!

what does the original hood do for me?

Peter, IMHO the hood isuseful for at least 2 things:
1) it protects the frontal lens element;
2) in some weird light conditions, it controlls flare and ghosts, also avoiding or minimizing loss of contrast.

This is an illustration with the 50-135mm on a tripod, without vs, with hood (HN-23, similar-sized to the HN-24):

Nikkor-50-135mm-at-135mm-without-x-with-hood by labecoaves, on Flickr

The subject was the Sonnar 105/2.5 P made in 1964.
As today there was no sun here, just rain and many clouds, I used a spotlight pointing against the 50-135 front at a 45 angle from the left. I suppose the sun would deliver a similar result.

May 18, 2013 at 09:57 PM

  Previous versions of asiostygius's message #11562601 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »