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Woodland wandering

A few more from a trip to the Scottish highlands last week.

Philip Price (a local wildlife photographer) and I wandered around the shores of Loch Awe, about 20 min east of Oban. We spent a couple hours looking for warblers and wrens. Lovely country, amazing scenery, and, of course, great whiskey. I believe most of these species breed here; we were a bit early for that, but they were all singing. Much more fun (but more challenging) than sitting in a hide, and partially made up for the fact that I missed most of the North American migrants (who were migrating through North Alabama at the time, spending most of their time in 30 ft canopies, well beyond the reach of a big lens).

Comments/criticisms/advice all greatly appreciated; thanks for looking.


May 18, 2013 at 01:00 AM

  Previous versions of Plinian's message #11560920 « Woodland wandering »