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Double Cute Alert Baby! (10)

Canon 7D, Canon 400 F5.6

Hi Photo Friends!

Today I ventured to my lake hoping to find the goose babies this time. Its been two weeks since I showed you the babies so they must be getting big. The babies were not there but they were on the other side of the lake. I decided to walk to the other side. Sure enough I saw four families of babies

I will let the cutest baby of the bunch tell you it\'s story - Hope you all enjoy it....

Pix 1..

Hi FM Friends... come follow me, I am going to show you my family, you know I am CUTE

Pix 2..

Hey guys wait up for me!!!

Pix 3..

See what my siblings do to me, they leave me in the dust! Now I got to put my big feet down on the petal to the metal zoom zoom....

Pix 4..

Whew I caught up to them. And that\'s ME I am the CUTE one in the middle Ok now you can all say AWWW, AWWWW, AWWWWW....

Pix 5..

Now this is my Mom. She really rocks! I am the little one closest to her. I just love snuggle time under her wing. She really keeps me warm from the chilly Spring nights.

Pix 6..

Now this is my handsome Dad. Don\'t you all think I will get his good looks? I am the middle one. I love resting my head on my brothers soft body. The only problem is in back of me is my pain in the neck other brother who loves to honk and honk when we take our swim. I might have to get some ear muffs

Pix 7..

Mom, I am getting hungry. Mom says, hold on we just made it to the land. Oh boy got to check out whats good to eat!

Pix 8..

Now here is something that looks delicious! Not bad, not bad at all. I am beginning to love my NEW world.

Pix 9..

When I find something that looks good to eat I love to SQUISH it with my BIG foot...You know I am a baby right? You know baby food in a jar

Pix 10..

After a long day on the lake and then filling my Cute belly ... I love laying my head on my brothers soft feathers!
Goodnight to all my Photo Friends. It was so nice to meet you all today! Thanks for taking a look at my cuteness....You can\'t hide those BIG smiles from me

Thank you all again for visiting my lake with me....I am so tickled I got more pictures of these babies to share with you all! Guess today was a special day!

Hope you all liked!


May 12, 2013 at 10:12 PM

  Previous versions of BeeBalm's message #11548133 « New! Double Cute Alert Baby! (10) »