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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

CGrindahl wrote:
Rafael, I loved the set of images from the car scene. The 18 seems the perfect lens for what you were doing. Today they held May Madness in downtown San Rafael with classic cars lining the main street. I\'d forgotten about the event but as I drove home along an adjacent street I saw the barricades and then in the distance a few beauties. Inspired by your work I wandered about until I found a parking space and headed down to the event. Light was bright in the middle of the day so shooting was a bit challenging. I ended up converting quite a few images with Silver Efex Pro 2. It was a great deal of fun shooting and a great deal of fun processing images. Here\'s a downpayment...

The first three were shot with the 105 f/2.5 P AI\'d and the last with the 24 f/2.8 N.C. AI\'d which proved especially useful shooting cars. The two Corvettes in the last photo are from 1965, the coupe and 1966, the roadster. I owned two 1965 Corvettes at different times, one silver roadster and one silver coupe. My Corvette days are long gone, but I\'m still a fan Rafael, as I know you are.

Curtis. great photos of an excellent event, I grew up in El Salvador with many relatives living in the Bay area and LA, this was back when the smell of leaded gasoline meant good times coming in a car or a boat, we did cruise the town to meet our friends in a very relaxed and happy way, and would talk endless about the latest engines and their horsepower. Those times are gone and the world is much more complex now, but the old car hobby is still strong, bringing good memories and a good time to us old timers, while conveying to the younger people a sense of the times past. Corvettes in particular, being two seat sports cars with no practical use, were very appealing to us kids. My attraction to these cars was sealed when my roomate at Berkeley owned one he received as a high school graduation gift from his optician dad, no real purpose to the car other than having fun.

Always been curious about San Rafael, should move there to escape SoCal and not have to spell my first name ever again.

Really liked the 105mm photo of the Chevy steering wheel, brought memories of riding the front bench seat of my godparent\'s Impala.

May 12, 2013 at 03:10 PM

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