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Re: ZE/ZF/ZM Images (Official Thread!)

My son and I spent last week wandering extreme western Virginia, around the almost totally enclosed valley of Burkes Garden, and then the Farm Heritage Trail (4 highways linked) in the eastern edge of West Virginia. We spent some time in coal country near Pineville and Welch, and in New River Gorge, visiting some of the ghost towns there.

My contribution to the trip\'s photography was done exclusively with a Zeiss lineup, the 21mm, the 35/1.4 and the 135/2. The new 135 turns out to be pretty good at isolating farm buildings and concentrated scenes at several hundred yards, which compliments the 35 and 21 very well. I had no idea I\'d be doing landscapes with it.



This spring is one of the wettest on record in this part of the country. I shoot with my Nikons set at Neutral in Picture Control, always, but some of the images look as if they\'d been juiced in Vivid or pumped in PP, which is not the case. The grass on some of the farms looked like it was dyed green....

1. Farm Heritage Rd, Monroe Co., WV. D800E, ZF 135/2 @ 5.6, ISO 100

2. Looking down from the bridge to the barn in image 1. D800E, ZF 135/2 @ f 4.5, ISO 100

* * *

OK, I think I\'ve figured out that direct links to sized image options off my Zenfolio site work infinitely better than trying to pull resized image files directly off my computer and posting them here. There is still some quality lost somewhere, but it\'s better. Please look at my slide show for the best possible view.


May 12, 2013 at 02:02 PM

  Previous versions of RiverGuy's message #11547176 « ZE/ZF/ZM Images (Official Thread!) »