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Re: Touit touit touit.... touit :)

sflxn wrote:
dennishh wrote:
I tested the 32mm 1.8 Touit today on my NEX-7 but had trouble with the lens hunting focus. Did anyone else test this lens today and find this happening with it? This might have been a preproduction sample. I will be reviewing the files and posting some hundred percent crops later on. I also tested the 12mm 2.8 Zeiss against the Sony 10 -18 mm. My preliminary impressions are that the Zeiss lenses definitely have more micro-contrast and that\'s Zeiss look but as far as sharpness goes they do not blow away the Sigma 30 or the Sony 10-18 I\'ve asked some other people to take a look at the raw files and see what they think. Has anyone looked at the other reviews that came out in the last couple of days? What as the consensus on the two lenses?
Thanks Dennis

Ok, I have to ask, how is the 10-18 on the NEX-7? Magenta cast? Corners? There have been very few reports of about it on the 7, and the ones I\'ve seen seemed to have decentering problems. It\'s still not clear to me whether 10-18 is good on the NEX7.

I understand your concerns about the 10-18 all I can say is that I was lucky to get a version that is exceptional. I would recommend ordering two or three lenses and testing each one of them to see if there decentered and send the other ones back. Below is the test I did with the Zeiss Touit 12mm @f8 against the Sony 10-18 @f8 12mm as much as I hate reducing these two JPEG\'s. I think the 10 to 18 is slightly sharper than this at 10mm. I use this lens all of time not only as my carry around lens but on a few of my commercial jobs with great success. Lately I\'ve been carrying my Nikon D800e with the 70-20 2.8 vr2 and the NEX-7 with the 10-18.

May 11, 2013 at 11:34 AM

  Previous versions of dennishh's message #11545017 « Touit touit touit.... touit :) »