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Re: Would you do it?

ricardovaste wrote:
I would rent another D600 and just go 35/85 all day. Simplicity will definitely help when you have little/no experience.

Ditto. Or the 28/1.8 (for wide-angle group shots if location is tight) and the 85.

Personally for weddings, I do the 24/1.4 and 85/1.4 or the 24 with a 70-200 if the space is a bit larger or I want more portraits.

Shoot in A mode.

And about that auto-ISO, what someone else said about the 6400--keep it as your MAX! And set the minimum shutter speed for 2x your focal length if possible (so if you have a 35mm lens on, set minimum speed to 1/70 if you can help it). Only time this doesn\'t work is if ISO 6400 and 1/70 speed doesn\'t let in enough light (when it\'s that dark... time to radio trigger those lights! . But in conjunction with a good bounce, softbox flash, or mounted + slaved flash, can produce quality results.

Highly suggest 1-2 softbox reflective umbrellas slaved or radio triggered for your group shots (and just adjust where they\'re pointed, and distance in case lighting is bad. Won\'t cost over $150-250 to add 2 decent stands w/ umbrellas w/ a radio trigger set (since you say you have speedlights already).

Might be a good idea to just shoot the entire wedding with the Sigma 35/1.4 so you won\'t have to worry about changing lenses all the time. I\'ve always liked the 35 over the 50 for perspective. Don\'t bring more than 3 lenses with you, else you\'ll be swapping them and always worrying that you have the wrong one on.

Apr 30, 2013 at 11:12 PM

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