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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

philipj wrote:

John, are you sure you want to let your 50mm f/1.2 AI-s go?!

Yes, yes, I know I shouldn\'t.

I\'ve take a lot of nice images of my girls with it - and that\'s what I mostly used if for. But we\'ve entered a new phase in our household - the girls no longer want to go to parks/playgrounds after dinner or on the weekends. This has been replaced by homework and tons and tons of reading (no TV in our house!). It\'s a bit of a bear to lug around casually for me - that\'s the job of the 45/2.8P (which is really no worse to have on your camera than a body cap . . .). Plus I have the 50/1.8G for any large aperture work that\'s needed.

I just have not used it much - so it needs to find a deserving home. Plus I\'m saving up for a 180/4 APO Voigtlander to be my ~200mm prime (my 200/4 AIS ran out of gas at 36MP and my 180/2.8D was too big to casually carry around or hike with and is long gone).

I\'m working on the following prime line-up:
16/3.5 (of course)
20/2.8D (I may swap the D for the AIS at some point)
45/2.8 AI-P or 50/1.8G
90/3.5 CV
135/2 AIS or 135/3.5 AIS
180/4 CV (if I can find one at a decent price)
400/5.6 ED AI
500/4P (maybe sometime this year if business is good)

Nothing is static in life and I feel it\'s time to change my lens lineup to adapt to what\'s going on in my families life. The one downside to selling some of my MF Nikkors is that I\'ll have less of an opportunity to inflict my images upon you guys in this forum.

- John

Apr 28, 2013 at 07:09 PM

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