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lens issue / please help

Okay, I didn\'t want to do this because I don\'t like being antagonistic, but this is a quote from a person with a lot of day-to-day experience with this lens:

\"I spent a day with this lens on the A900 and came back quite impressed. Itís not perfect, so letís get the downers out of the way: Like for most wide zooms on full frame cameras, thereís some noticeable corner softness, and thereís also a bit more chromatic aberration than I see on Canon and Nikonís pro level wide zooms. Itís easily corrected in Photoshop, but I would suggest shooting images in raw, so you can get the very best correction.

With those two minor notations out of the way, I have nothing left but the positives: Itís sharp throughout the zoom range, very nice colors and contrast, autofocuses with the quickness of a rattlesnake and the persistence of a bulldog. Overall, a world-class wide angle zoom, the best in Sonyís lineup.\"

So those of you who think that my expectations are too high believe I should have ignored every positive review of the lens since it was released, including those by pros in the field, and instead have had enough wisdom to know that it was susceptible to such horrible manufacturing issues - a Zeiss lens - that I should have seen this coming from this seller?

Folks, I asked if I received a bum lens from a seller who thinks the issues are my problem. A reasonable question. Does the rest of this discussion have anything to do with that?


Apr 25, 2013 at 10:28 PM

  Previous versions of warpedwoof's message #11510436 « lens issue / please help »