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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

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Was it hard to do? I have two lenses that I want to do this on. One should be easy as I have multiple lenses with the same max aperture. The other one is a f/1.4 so I would be guessing a bit. Help!!!

Kevin, I am not good with handwork, far from that, but after reading the instructions here:

I was more than capable of doing the job easily.
Do not be in a hurry and use a small and not blunt from use flat file. All you need is around 4-5cm (~ <=2 inches) of filed aluminum. I noted that the claw does not need to be filled, since the camera tab is always below and never touch the claw which I put back in its place.
A final touch is the application of a black matte ink for metal which gives a final good \"cosmetic\" look to the lens.
I was lucky to have a non-ai 400/5.6 K ring to try before. It was so easy and the result good enough that I even replaced the original in the 400/5.6 K ( it has an advantage - easier grip of the aperture ring with its 4 rows of diamond shaped ridges vs. just 3 of the ai factory) - Now I have a \"surplus\" 400/5.6 ai factory ring!

I have made this job in the 16/3.5, 200/4 Q.C, 35/2OC, 400/5.6K and 24/2.8NC with great success and saved some USD 170-200.00 to buy another lens

Apr 21, 2013 at 01:39 AM

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