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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Some actual photos from Lago Garda in the North of Italy.

This is a set from the 35-70mm f/3.5 lens. A very versatile lens with handy Macro function at 70mm which halves the MFD from 70mm to 35mm. I have the Ai-s version with the 62mm filter thread.

The lens is quite a heavy beast and sits well on the D4 but is too heavy to sit comfortably on the D200. I took it because it would make a great walking around lens of excellent quality, being touted as one of the first professional lenses in the midrange zoom and made especially as an all-round lens for photojournalists. It\'s quite recommended by Ken Rockwell, but less warmly by Bjorn Rorslett. Personally I am more in agreement with Ken here, I found the lens to be great - it put up with a lot of abuse and gave fantastically sharp images with little problem of CA or flare or ghosting.

The weather in Garda was pretty bad, cloudy, cold and hazy but I still got some great shots with this lens.

A little about where we stayed. We stayed at a wonderful campsite above the town of Gargnano in the National Park on the West shore of the lake. Gargnano is a lovely town with lots of Historical buildings and a very old feel to it. There is a large amazing villa in the south of the town from where Mussolini lived during the Republic of SalÚ in WWII. Gargnano is where the Lemon houses start as you go north to Lemone sul Garda, these old structures with their elegant slim pillars no longer house the thriving lemon industry that once brought money to the region, except for a few enthusiasts who have lovingly restored some houses back to their original state.

For the sailing buffs out there near Gargnano is the start of the Centomiglia (100 mile) boat race which is claimed to be the most famous inland yacht race in the world.

In order:
Photo 1 - from the cliffs above Gargnano looking south, 35mm
Photo 2 - Franciscan monastery build into the cliffs above Gargnano, 70mm
Photo 3 - Ducks flying past a mooring pole in Lemone sul Garda, 70mm
Photo 4 - Lemon growing house at Lemone sul Garda overlooking the town, 35mm
Photo 5 - Lampost at night Gargnano waterfront, approx. 50mm


Apr 09, 2013 at 07:29 PM

  Previous versions of MarkdV's message #11474708 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »