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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

georgms wrote:
I\'ve tried my luck again by using MF-Nikkor\'s for ice-hockey. It might work well for goalie-portraits, but I\'m unable to follow action. Here are two shots taken this evening:

D700 at ISO6400, 105/1.8 Ais at f/2, 1/1000sec - love the bokeh on the goalie ;-)

You\'re right, love the bokeh on the goalie. Two great shots there Georg.

Just so you\'re not alone, here\'s some more sports shots with Nikkon MF lenses. This time the 180mm with the TC201. Rugby doesn\'t have the same end-to-end speed as Ice Hockey but is still pretty quick. We lost heavily yesterday (0-27) but it was mainly in the last few minutes and we were playing a team two divisions higher than us in a cup game so it was a very good test to see the gap between us and the next levels up.

The TC201 + 180 combo worked really well despite the appalling light. I might get the 105mm on the D200 and take that as well for some of the closer action as I struggled when play was closer than 15m to me. Sone sharpening applied and a bit of cropping but nothing too radical.

Apr 08, 2013 at 05:16 AM

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