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Re: Leica M8/M9/X1 Picture Thread

Edward, excellent shot with the ZM25 and thanks!
Bruno, B&W for the first portrait and color for the second one for me.
Ron, cool shots, especially the first with the dad pointing, adding another layer to the beer drinking child!
Ajay, congrats on the M240. Nice set of pics. Black or chrome?
Gary, nice set. New lens?

Allen, thanks for the info on the 5D\'s exposure. Interesting to know. I shot Nikon DSLRs for awhile and was not aware of 5D\'s banding issues. All I hear is from my friends are that their 5Ds prior to Mk3 could not focus

Mescalamba wrote:
If one has thing like RX1, you simple dont need to worry. Its Sony, you can do crazy stuff with exposure.....

.....M240 doesnt have Sony sensor, so dont treat it like if it had. Its not about making your camera fail, its about making it work, which obviously is harder.

I agree, Sony probably has the lead in sensor development right now. At the same time my RX1 with lens cost $2800. My M240 without lens cost $7000, isn\'t it reasonable for me to expect Leica to somewhat perform like a $2800 camera? As Ron mentioned, if you\'ve shot with M9s, then you would know the frustrations we have had over the years with random banding and it occurs not only to underexposed images but perfectly exposed images at lower ISOs. With the new sensor, some of us were hoping that this would go away.

Ron, I\'ll test the camera out more when I have a chance, too busy with work and other tasks at the moment. Meanwhile took some pics this afternoon with the 21mm and 90mm lenses. These wide and tele focal lengths are part of the reason I was looking forward to the M240 - live view and EVF to help with framing. I used a Oly VF2 and really enjoyed the experience. Makes me feel like I am shooting a NEX but full frame I liked that I could see the entire frame and use focus peaking - entire image, 5x or 10x mag. It would have been better if we could reposition the zoom view but its not entirely a deal breaker after playing around a bit. Unfortunately, the Maestro processor seems overtaxed in LV mode, as I almost have to press the shutter 0.5s before the shot ... but I can see this would work for slow deliberate shooting or still subjects.

Ignore the exif on the 2nd shot, it was f/2. LR4 picks quite a few wrong guesstimates for exposure at the moment.

Apr 01, 2013 at 01:53 AM

  Previous versions of joe88's message #11455503 « Leica M/X/T/S/Q Picture Thread »