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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Have had family in town for the last week. We went all over the Sacramento area as well as San Francisco. As I edit, I will post. Here are some early edits and one shot from yesterday...

Series E 50mm

Random glasses left on a banister.

DSC_7379 by Kevin.Woodard, on Flickr

Bokeh play @ f/1.8

DSC_7388 by Kevin.Woodard, on Flickr

Pre-visualized shot... Very dark basement lit by a single light. Wanted a dark and foreboding feeling to the image, treated accordingly.

DSC_7393 by Kevin.Woodard, on Flickr

Series E 28mm

The Golden Gate bridge as seen from Fort Baker. This is a 6-shot stack HDR. Still learning how to do these, there is a little bit of ghosting that I will need to revisit. Thing to note with this one, it was raining at the time I took the picture. Thank goodness the D7000 is weather sealed and I keep desiccant sacks in my camera bag. Everything was dry in less than an hour.

GoldenGate01 by Kevin.Woodard, on Flickr

Mar 31, 2013 at 09:41 PM

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