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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Wow, I\'m just catching up on this week\'s photos and the amount of creative work is impressive!

Ronny, the results you got from the 180mm and a 2x converter is much better than I would have expected. Very nice.

Welcome John, great dog!

Curtis, beautiful landscapes and your close-up work with Nikki and the PK-13 is in a league of it\'s own.

Peter, the first lightning photo you posted is amazing.

Scott, I really like the look of the frozen pond and the composition of the rebar shot is excellent.

Laura, the M&M\'s are a hoot!

Rafael and Jose, great bird and moonshots. Your rigs, and the results you get from them, are pretty impressive.

Ron, really nice antique look on the shot of the building.

Kevin, wonderful portraits.

Welcome Jim, great colors!

Mark, I love the shots of the farm animals and the pink hue of the little piggies.

Craig, welcome, really nice ones from Estes Park.

Jose, the brickwork series is fascinating and really well done.

Dean, great bike series and I love the look of your \"Little Salt Field\" photos.

Thanks Georg, wonderful photos the past few days. \"Driving Snow\" and \"Spring is Late I and II\" are my favorites. Also, there is something about the composition the the Lighthouse and clouds that really draws me in. Great work!

Ray, love the golden colors of your Egret shot.

Goran, really like the 105mm with extension tube shots.

Mike, welcome, nice Central Park shots. The first one is a real beauty.

Chin, love the look of the \"Sogglu\" pano.

Peter, beautiful work on the lake shots and thanks for sharing your stacking insights.

Chuong, very cool colors.

Leighton, that\'s a wonderful portrait of Jeb. Love the composition.

Mar 29, 2013 at 11:39 PM

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