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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Downtown Madison Spring 2013 images

Lake Monona, 20mm f3.5 @f22 1/100s iso 100 - frame 518 on this D600 and I spent 10 minutes removing oil spots with the healing brush... time to buy that cleaning kit #@$#%

Monona Terrace from right \"in the lake\" - if it was actually spring... so this is \"on the lake

20mm/f3.5 @ f11, 1/125s, Marumi DRG polarizer (on all photos today) and remote fill flash on the ice

similar shot at the actual shore line, 20mm/f3.5 @ f11, 1/100s, flash, polarizer

and here a 4 image depth of field stack, hand-held. Really wanted to see how well that works. Other than having to remove oil spots on 4 images before blending, this worked quite well, but I still had to go in and rubber stamp clone a few details from the proper originals. All frames f11 1/160s, polarizer, iso100

this image has content from about 10 inches (ice on right edge) to a mile away (water tower on horizon center, other side of the lake)

crop showing ice 10 inches away in front of infinity shore line. You can see some artifacts, but this really only took 2 minutes in Photoshop to put together:

Mar 28, 2013 at 07:08 PM

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