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Re: Leica M8/M9/X1 Picture Thread

rscheffler wrote:
Congrats Dexter! I\'m sure you\'ll love it.
Andrew, very cool. Adding GAS to the fire?

A few from a recent trip to Toronto, all with 21 SEM. Last two are cropped a bit, probably closer to 28mm field of view. Also a bit indecisive about which I like better...

Michael, I love your previous set with the M3, especially the hand and the bird!
Ryan, love the fisheye shots. The subject seems to work really well in these, as does the contrast.
Dean - great find and lovely images!
Allen - I also do some work for a university and these types of photos look very familiar to me. I\'m curious if you deliver them B&W versions? I would guess it\'s all in color? (Referring to the meeting photos)

Thanks Ron and I absolutely love the first and the last ones in your last series.

I shoot mostly color. I shoot their bi annual magazine which won a gold medal in a nation comp last year. Almost all the stuff on their website. All their ads and its mostly color. I also shot their annual report last year (one of several annual reports I shoot every year) I shot some stuff from the event in B&W and we are talking about shooting an all B&W magazine in the future. I do some B&W for some of the other annual reports so its great having the MM for that.

Mar 25, 2013 at 04:12 AM

  Previous versions of airfrogusmc's message #11440077 « Leica M/X/T/S/Q Picture Thread »