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Re: Which Tilt-Shift Lens to start?

Hulot wrote:
get the 17 because it is great, because you can replace the 24 with anything from the 24-70 to the IS to the L and because you are not going to take two TS-E's on a trip

jcolwell wrote:
Interesting... You might be right that the OP won't take more than one TS-E lens, but I sometimes take six TS-E lenses with me: TS-E 17/4L, 24/3.5L II, and Mamiya M645 C 35/3.5N, 55.2,8N, 80/2.8N, and A 150/2.8, with a Mirex T-S adapter.

Also, the TS-E 24/3.5L can't be replaced by the fast prime or zoom lenses (most of which I have), if you want to use tilt or shift.

Hulot wrote:
the OP asked about 17 -or- 24 and for which reason. Good for you to have all these lenses but you dont answer the question

You're partly right, I'm very fortunate to have a lot of excellent lenses. You're also partly wrong, as I did "answer the question". I responded directly to the OP in the first reply, at the top of the thread. I responded to your comments later. I hope that's OK with the moderator.

There's nothing wrong with using a different 24mm lens, it's just that it won't replace the TS-E 24mm for the main purposes that most people buy a TS-E lens. If the OP doesn't like my answer to him, that's unfortunate. If you don't like it, I couldn't care less.

Mar 23, 2013 at 12:22 PM

  Previous versions of jcolwell's message #11436154 « Which Tilt-Shift Lens to start? »