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Lars Johnsson
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Re: Just announced: Canon Rebel SL1, T5i & Powershot SX-280

MintMar wrote:
Sven Jeppesen wrote:
MintMar wrote:
Sven Jeppesen wrote:
M Lucca wrote:
boingyman wrote:
Is the SL1 AF only cross type in the center? It does look pretty interesting, but it would be better if they put all of that into their next EOS-M. I\'m also curious to see if there will be any improvements in the new sensor. Also they need more pancakes too compliment the small size.

It is all X-type like the T5i and 60d. I am bowled over that Canon would use a robust AF system on this mini-me Rebel while the 6d is only X-type at the center.

You can\'t compare the AF like that between so different cameras. It\'s not like a cross-type AF point is the same thing in all bodies. The 6D cross-type AF also have a vertical AF line with f/2,8 sensitivity. So it has both cross and a extra line.

Well, this is exactly how it works in xxxD world since 400D. They also have high precision (\"f/2.8 sensitivity\") in the center point.

No it\'s not exactly the same as in the xxxD world since 400D. The 6D center AF point is much better and different from the 400D.
The 6D AF point have both a cross point, and an extra sensitive vertical line AF point. It\'s very sensitive and rated to EV -3. That\'s even better than the 1DX or 5D3. And way better than the 400D

No, not really. In good light, 6D isn\'t giving you any advantage over 400D, at least within paper specs. Look up center point in 400D. Within published specs, there isn\'t any difference except the -3EV sensitivity.

There is a big difference both in real life and also within paper specs. It is like Sven wrote.
The 400D has a center cross point. The cross point is two AF lines that makes that cross.
The 6D center point is also one vertical AF line and one horizonatal AF line making that cross point. But the 6D also have one extra vertical line that is very sensitive. So the 6D has 3 lines and not 2 like the 400D.
This makes the 6D center point better than the 400D both in good light and low light.

Mar 22, 2013 at 09:24 AM

  Previous versions of Lars Johnsson's message #11433852 « Just announced: Canon Rebel SL1, T5i & Powershot SX-280 »