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Re: Just announced: Rebel SL1, T5i and Powershot SX-280!

And so dies any hope of a real mirrorless product from Canon...

It is sort of amusing to see a few sites go ga-ga over the size of the 100D. It is about the same size as the 350D was. Like the rest of America the Rebel series has just gotten obese over the years. Sony and Pentax already have DSLR bodies about the size of the 100D.

That said - there is significant weight savings in the 100D and that is a good thing. And unlike Canon\'s usual approach to things they haven\'t crippled the 100D compared to the 700D. If I was still shooting Canon APS-C the 100D would be on my \"to buy\" list as I always wanted the most featured but smallest body.

As to the sensor I suspect \"newly designed\" won\'t mean anything. Canon hasn\'t changed or improved their APS-C sensor technology in almost five years at this point. There hasn\'t been a hint they plan to either. It will still have poor read noise compared to the competition and uncompetitive base ISO DR. Still, more than \"good enough\" for all but the obsessed pixel peeper and DxO junkie.

Finally the 18-55 just demonstrates clearly why a slightly shaved body of the 100D is moot compared to a real mirrorless offering. That lens is giant compared to mirrorless kit lenses. As already pointed out the long flange distance guarantees there will never be a compact WA or UWA for such a camera.

So to me I see:

- Wonderful that they slimmed the Rebel down, it was getting too fat already. Would love to see a FF offering along the same lines (but won\'t I\'m sure).
- Worried that this means they\'ll never be serious about mirrorless and this offering just reinforces that a small DSLR body in no way competes with a mirrorless when it comes to size.


Mar 21, 2013 at 12:35 PM

  Previous versions of kwalsh's message #11431445 « Just announced: Canon Rebel SL1, T5i & Powershot SX-280 »