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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Tony, Scott and Georg, thanks much for the comments.

Roland, nice tram shots and I really like the 85mm cityscape.

haldunk, nice flowers and bokeh.

Jim, \"over the river\" and the portrait with the 28mm 2.8 are super.

Reagan, great rust, wood and railroad tracks. The composition and contrasting colors of the \"red arrow\" is very nice.

Georg, terrific work on \"love lock.\"

Tony, beautiful shots with Nikki and the PK-13, especially the ink knife. \"Merge,\" \"Disjointed\" and \"Charred\" are very evocative shots. Nice job turning someone\'s mindless act into art.

Ronny, great horizontal flow of the fence, wires, snow and sky in the train shot.

Ray, congrats on the D600 and the beautiful garden shots.

Curtis, love the laughing Buddha and your first shot with the 24mm 2.8NC is a wonderful composition.

Ray in Ohio, lovely evening sun shots.

Jose, \"House of Apollo\" and \"Venus x Hesperus\" would make beautiful prints. Great work.

Peter, beautiful seascape.

Scott, I really like the composition of the wide open construction equipment shot.

Rafael, beautiful colors from Parque Chicano.

Mike, very nice sunset. Do you think the comet will show?

John, really nice ones from the rocky beach.

Leighton, excellent contrasts of the dark sky, bare trees, fence and snow. Really nice.

Mar 15, 2013 at 07:02 PM

  Previous versions of Foggy14's message #11417691 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »