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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Leighton, Mark, Rafael.Ron, Ray,Jeff,Samy - thank you for the nice comments on my bportrait efforts.

Reagan - like the piers and hope the guys caufght something in that weather

Georg - great use of the fish eye through the bridge. It reduces the distortion and makes the image.

Peter B - love the retro pics esp the one from inside the car

Phillippe - equisite deail from the opera house , very well captured

James - you\'ve probably set off a bout of extreme lens lust

kevin - the tulip tree images are superb

Chin - just classic film toning. Big question - do you prefer digital?

Laura - like the new goats, not too sure about the \"back to school\" images ( I still dream about not finishing assignments!) and I have to assume that you put the long lens on just to show what the bag could accommodate otherwise you\'s have the tripod shoe on the lens. Not so?

John - you really make me want to go to Seattle! And you have such lovely girls.

Roland - welcome. Excellent images for openers.

Steve - welcome. I love the azaleas. For me azaleas + Georgia = The Masters

Mar 11, 2013 at 04:26 PM

  Previous versions of Oosty's message #11408118 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »