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Re: M240 Full Res Samples

I was 30 years old and a Grad student in 1984 when I purchased my first new Leica an R4S and a 50mm Summicron lens. I had had an entire Canon system that I traded toward the Leica. I also had a part time job at the time though was paid more than minimum wage. We know how little money most Grad students have.

In 1986, while still a Grad Student, I purchased new my 280mm f2.8 Apo Telyt lens and had purchased many other lenses prior to that.

With the introduction of the M240. Leica has offered fairly little as to the usage of the R lenses as an R \"solution\". Even though that was the case and due to the amount of R equipment in my arsenal of lenses, until the discovery of so many of the limitations of the camera) there had been about an 80% chance that I would have purchased the M240. I would have probably purchased M WA lenses for the camera as well.


carstenw wrote:
- Live View (Listed separately, since this is the source of the current controversy.)
- Magnified view (What is this item, listed separately from live view?)

For me, basic live-view for composition and grad positioning is great, don\'t care at all about magnification because I focus using the scale on the lens for landscape.

Granted, but also a sub-point of the intended use.

Who\'s intended use? R users?

carstenw wrote:The price is also nuts.
But less nuts than any other digital M.

How so? If you mean that you get much more for your money than with an M9, I refute your point. You still buy mostly things which have nothing to do with the cost of the technology inside, when you buy Leica.

M9 MAP: $6995
M240 MAP: $6950


Part of my original point may have been lost: a lot of the claimed improvements need to be proven before being listed as advantages. Trial under fire has a way to reveal unexpected weaknesses and flaws.

Leica exist in their own little ecosystem, what internet pundits and armchair experts might see as deal-breakers have very little influence on the actual sales since these users were unlikely to buy a Leica regardless.

I think a lot of people need to reserve judgment a little. When the camera gets out into the wild, profiles are created and people learn the quirks it\'ll be a different story.
I remember when the M9 launched and people whinged about low DR, poor colour and high noise. Things have changed quite a bit.

Feb 25, 2013 at 10:05 PM

  Previous versions of naturephoto1's message #11374649 « M240 Full Res Samples »