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Re: Early Morning

Dennis (et al) gave you plenty to think about ... good stuff. I\'ll try not to repeat things.

\"What\'s the point?\" \"What\'s the message that you want to convey to your viewer?\"
This isn\'t meant to sound sarcastic, but instead it is meant to be reflective.

In that ... suppose you were standing there without a camera, just taking in the scenery. Then you\'re best friend calls you on your cell (pretend a little here ). The conversation goes something like this ...

\"Dude, I so wish you were here to see this ... it is so awesome.\" Then you begin to describe it (yes words) to him. You are trying to convey to him the message you want him to \"conjure up\" in his mind. Those are the \"points\" of your message. The first thing you might say is the light shining through the trees is spectacular, or the leaves are so colorful, or the fog is really cool on the river.

Once you\'ve decided what is the most important thing to tell your friend that he is \"missing\" by not being there ... \"voila\", that\'s what you need to go after with your camera, and with your PP.

I realize that we often times want to \"show it all\" ... but that many times (not always) becomes a recipe for minced meat rather than Filet Mignon. Determine your point(s)/message(s) and lead with your strength, while minimizing distractions ... being careful not to water down the awesomeness with uber-inclusion.

That being said, I\'d like to see the ooc/raw. That, and what would be YOUR ANSWER to the first/strongest point/message that you want to show those of us who weren\'t there. You are trying to \"take us there\" (camera & pp) ... but you first have to know where \"there\" is ... otherwise, the viewer is wandering around the scene a bit sometimes.


Feb 13, 2013 at 05:42 PM

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