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Re: Sigh, back to Canon...

D. Diggler wrote:
form wrote:

Backlit subjects are very common for me because I often shoot into the light or have windows/etc. as backgrounds, and the D800 very consistently locks onto the backlit edge (which is the side of the person\'s head) and gives me backfocused images in those situations

Did you ever do a test to find out the actual size and location of the 800\'s focus sensor? It can be different from the little box you are looking at through the viewfinder when taking the shot.
That you say the 800 consistently catches the backlight on the side of the person\'s head suggests to me that you were letting a portion of the focus sensor wander off the face. If the focus sensor was completely on the face, the sensor could not pick up what\'s outside the face.
As I recall, I had asked you previously if you wanted to know a method for finding the actual size and location of the sensor but you never got back to me.

I never did the test, but I believe I can show examples of instances where the subject was centered in the frame, there was a pretty large area of only the person\'s face around the center focus point, the camera was in AF-S (or AF-C single point), and it still found the backlit edge and backfocused the image.

The thing is, if an autofocus system is really quirky for me to use and I have to keep thinking about how to make it work properly in a bunch of situations, then it isn\'t practical for me to use because I am too busy thinking about other things to be able to worry about putting the focus point exactly right and why it might not work here and there and etc...

Feb 08, 2013 at 03:33 PM

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