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Re: M240 Full Res Samples

Bijltje wrote:
Lee Saxon wrote:
I can\'t believe people are still talking about CCD vs CMOS. Past vs. future.

Also, didn\'t Leica say this camera would be out by now? And they\'re still beta testing? I thought only Red missed deadlines that bad.

Why shouldn\'t they? A CMOS sensor is used to be able to offer video, live view and an EVF. Not the thinks the traditional M user really wants or needs.

Live view and an EVF will make the new M a powerhouse in compact landscape photography now that critical focus is easily achievable. It will also allow many of those who have abandoned the M due to poor eyesight issues to come back to it.

All more gimmicks for the customer who sees the M as an mirror-less camera and doesn\'t give a thing about the rangefinder.

Leica rightfully isn\'t married to the concept that the M must solely remain a tool for myopic luddites. They correctly recognize the places where technology can be used to be important tools for photographers and are bringing those tools to the M to make it a better photographic tool. They are doing NOTHING to take away from the M\'s rangefinder heritage.

This same gimmick nonsense was spouted all over these forums for every major advancement in DSLRs. People kvetched when Live View was first introduced, deemed it a gimmick from P&S cameras but now the number of professional landscape and architectural photographers that use it for critical focus is amazing. These guys wouldn\'t give it up.

The CCD sensors had some big advantages like great performance on low ISO\'s.

Nope, not anymore and hasn\'t been true for a little while. The Sony EXMOR sensor in the D800 is capable of the same great low light performance of something like an IQ medium format back. Real world dynamic range is about the same. Color discrimination is more a function of the CFA than the sensor and even there the D800 stacks up very favorably to most CCD sensors.

I think its more than normal many M users want to see the new M CMOS sensor can catch up or even pass that existing M9 CCD sensor, or that all those new features and advanteges like better high ISO performance means we have to live without the M9\'s low ISO performance.

The M9\'s low ISO performance isn\'t great when compared to most modern cameras. It still produces nicer (nicer in terms of what I would say is enjoyable to process in post) files than the Canon\'s but both in terms of color discrimination and dynamic range its outclassed by wide margin by the D800 sensor.

I know several M shooters and all are happy that Leica is demonstrating an ability to be innovative, to make better tools for photographers while remaining faithful to the rangefinder heritage.

Jan 30, 2013 at 03:17 PM

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