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Re: External HD crashed

Poking around Intel\'s website and looking at their server boards, i see the greatest RAM support Intel offer on a single socket motherboard is 256Mb, on a dual socket 768Gb, and on a quad socket 1.5Tb. The number of memory slots is not the only limitation though - you need to get a processor that will actually address that much RAM. A standard i7 quad for example, maxes out at 32Gb. So if you want to support those really big amounts of RAM you need to move to the more expensive end of the Xeon E5 or E7 range (costing $thousands per cpu), and probably buy 2 or 4 actual processors also.

Just for fun i had a quick poke round the HP website and the only machine i could find with 1Tb RAM support was a quad Itanium...

I think i would give up on the RAM drive idea if i were you

Oh, and don\'t touch any peripheral that plugs into a standard PCI slot - the PCI bus maxes out at around 133MB/sec, which was fast in 1995 or whenever it was introduced, but is snail pace today. PCIe is the way to go.

Jan 22, 2013 at 06:59 AM

  Previous versions of 15Bit's message #11289679 « External HD crashed »