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Re: External HD crashed

Aaron D wrote:
That was a thought. I remember playing with RAM drives back in DOS. But when talking about an hour or so\'s worth of footage, 500GB to 1TB is A LOT of RAM. Gives me food for thought though. Cost has to be low, and so does size. Capturing to a RAM drive would help by eliminating physical drives. It would also reduce power requirement. You\'ve opened my eyes to some new ideas to look into. Thanks!

Data would be fed via HDMI due to lack of BNC. Have been able to find 1 or 2 cards that will capture 1080/30p, uncompressed, for under $200.

If you are needing to capture 500Gb+ of data then even an SSD is probably out of the question, and a computer that takes that much RAM would probably cost you more than a house. For streaming at high data rates, SCSI used to be the way to go, but things have changed with SATA. Bifurcator has more experience with this than me i think. My only comment would be to reiterate the importance of the capture card and the speed of the Bus it is plugged into - one of the problems we had with our data capture machine in the lab (which was pulling 40-50MB/sec over ethernet) was that whilst the ethernet card was \"gigabit\", it was consumer rather than server grade and couldn\'t keep up a high sustained transfer rate.

Jan 21, 2013 at 09:15 AM

  Previous versions of 15Bit's message #11287092 « External HD crashed »