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Re: External HD crashed

15Bit wrote:
Aaron, if you want to capture at that sort of rate, streaming onto hard disks might not be the best solution. We\'ve set up equipment that streams data at quite high data rates in the lab, and the best solution is a RAM drive if you can stuff enough RAM into a computer for the data you want to collect. Also, how are you intending to feed the data into the computer? Good quality i/o cards are essential for this sort of work.

This might be good if he were capturing uncompressed 4K video or trying to composite multiple 1080p streams in real-time. But it\'s not needed for capturing uncompressed 1080p or even 2K video these days. RAID0 is fine. A 3-drive RAID level 0 setup (using these Seagates or any that show a throughput of 180MB/s or so) will ensure he never has a hiccup of any kind. I wouldn\'t be afraid to capture lowly 1080p/30 with just my two from a typical 8bit 4:4:4 HDMI feed. Should be smooth sailing! I should be about to tripple that with my system actually. I have 3 of these RAID 0 configs in the system and I should easily be able to write 3 different (or one split to 3) streams simultaneously - even on this older box. In system display of all three during the capture is another matter tho.

Rogue416 wrote:
Let\'s try this again. Messed up my first reply.
I miss my IBM drives. Never had any problems with them either. I can not imagine 24 in a case, let alone being responsible for their maintenance. The most I have had in a single case was six, with two in RAID. I was just dabbling in it at the time (just curious) but got away from it after a while. Wish I hadn\'t.

I\'m right there with ya about guessing wrong as often as I get things right.

Talk about some wicked benchmarks! Wow! I see I have much to learn.


Just to be clear \"24 to a case\" refers to the cardboard box they shipped in. They were installed and ran in small rack type enclosures at three different sites. Multiple arrays per enclosure serving up video (VOD) in large-ish hotels. The reason this distinction is interesting at all is because I usually round-robin different makes and models. But the IBMs specd so nicely and did so well with the first set that at one point anyway, I went with all IBM DS drives - which also all did very well.

Jan 21, 2013 at 05:44 AM

  Previous versions of Bifurcator's message #11286908 « External HD crashed »