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Russ Isabella
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Utah Gymnastics: First Home Meet

Many thanks, Frank. I appreciate your feedback and it\'s helpful to \'hear\' your reactions to specific shots.

Thanks for your comments, Bill. I try different positions for shooting beam. I do like the perspective from about 20 degrees off from dead on to the end of the beam, but this time out I wanted to work more from the side. I\'ve found that no position is perfect, which is why I like to try them all throughout the course of a season. As for the bars shots, that first one is a smaller portion (maybe 1/4) of the full frame that I would prefer. It is challenging to keep everything in frame with the movement not only up and down (above and below both upper and lower bars) but also closer and farther from me as they move from one bar to the other. Moving the camera with the athlete can help, but I\'d have to be a LOT faster moving my focus points on the fly to work much tighter than I do. I\'m working on it...

amlsml: Thank you! Yes, these athletes are fantastic.

Hey Larry, thanks for your feedback and for taking a look at the gallery posted by the University. I feel like I\'m finally making some progress with vault. I still maintain it\'s stupidly difficult to shoot, but I\'m earning a few more keepers each time. I\'ll post a couple more below.

Bryan: I don\'t know how much attention to my images these girls pay, though I\'m sure they check out the galleries posted on the team website. I do think the SID is appreciative. And yeah, great fan support for sure. Thanks for the props!

Here are 15 more images:
















Jan 20, 2013 at 05:24 PM

  Previous versions of Russ Isabella's message #11285001 « Gymnastics: Utah's First Home Meet [More Images] »