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Re: Fish Fryer light

Just to tease you


\"I think one of the advantages to the light I posted is the scooped housing. I think the strobes would mount with the flash tube facing the rear of the housing, and the light is scooped around to the front.\"
With hardboxes you never really can tell what they look like inside. Some years ago i\'ve seen one on ebay with 4 flashtubes, each 1m long, while my Multiblitz is basically a square beauty-dish.

On the other hand, building a Luzifero copy should be a piece of cake and cheap too. Sheet aluminium costs next to nothing, at least compared to the 2nd hand prices you pay for a Hazy in the states.


Jan 17, 2013 at 03:00 AM

  Previous versions of visualist's message #11276132 « Fish Fryer light »