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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Georg, Leighton, Laura, Scott, Mark, and Jeff, thank you for the comments!

Ronny - Hope your weather clears ups soon! Great work with the 105mm.

Philippe - I love the shot of the ducks!

Georg - Very cool pano on the hedgehog, not to mention your gorgeous firework shots!

Jose - Your macro work with the 300mm is stunning! Also, very beautiful capture of the hawk.

Dylan - Your Sandwhich shot is too funny! My Myrphee cat does that with string cheese. I agree, the skater, while slighty blurry, has a much better impact with the eye contact.

Jeff - Great job at the aquarium. The Lionfish stands out to me as well.

Ray - Gorgeous flower shots. You\'re not helping my NMFAS for an 85mm!

Monty - Love the winter shots and your humor with the glasses!

Reagan - I don\'t know what you think is wrong with your car shot. All I see is a sweet car in beautiful light!

Ben - Nice freelines shot and candids around town.

Leighton - Awesome stuff with Nikki. I especially like the b&w work.

Scott - Great snow shots. Looks very cold!

John (AZ) - Beautiful series. The first one is my favorite.

Matt - HNY to you too!

Rolf - Very pretty swan.

Ian - Gorgeous model and I like the concept.

Alan - Glad to see everyone is feeling better. Nice Christmas shots.

Adam - Hello! Nice, first post!

John - Love the shots from the hiking trip. The Low Clouds one is amazing!

Americo - Glad you got your lens back. Great colors and bokeh in the Monster shot.

Mark - Glad you are enjoying the 55mm. Excellent landscaped with the 180mm!

Lizzie - Beautiful landscape! Love the colors.

Philip - I like the perspective and processing on the courthouse.


Jan 04, 2013 at 05:31 AM

  Previous versions of kings_freak's message #11240204 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »