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Re: Gura Gear Bataflae--Review

I can appreciate why someone who shoots a lot on beaches and in deserts would have unique dust management needs.

But, here\'s another viewpoint:

As a wildlife shooter who primarily shoots in open land rovers, I\'m very happy with GuraGear\'s new Bataflae bag albeit I have the 26L model. I really like the new full view buckle feature for in room packing; and, the side opening feature for land rover use. This is the best of both worlds because I never liked using backpacks with full openings in the field - i.e, my TT Acceleration - because of too much exposure to dust and the fact that it takes longer to zip up. For me, those zipper cover/tabs actually slow me down in the field, especially when wearing gloves in cold climates. And in dusty or rainy areas, I prefer using dust/rain covers. I like that it\'s easier to use TSA locks on the Bataflae as compared to my Kiboko 30L; and, I\'m pleasantly surprised at how much the 26L holds. I\'m a left hander, so the handle position is a mute point, not something that aggravate me. My only minor issue with the bag is that the reverse zippers take longer to break in and I\'ve added zipper wax which makes them run smoother. I also prefer the shorter zipper pulls from my Kiboko. So, I temporarily switched them for the next trip.

I do not consider this bag less than optimal to say the least. I will always have multiple bags/cases and will use the appropriate bag for a given trip. This bag has a lot of nice features with minimal weight.


Dec 31, 2012 at 11:56 PM

  Previous versions of ChrisHA's message #11231334 « Gura Gear Bataflae--Review »