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Re: Scammed on Buy/Sell

lara_ckl wrote:
Nothing inherently wrong with buying from a new member with no feedback. Your real mistake was to use Paypal gift. That\'s a no-no pointed by Fred and countless others here.

I agree and have sold/bought from newbies and Fmer\'s with very little or no feedback. 99% of those were what I refer to as \"merchandisers only\". i.e They B/S only....

There are also those here on B&S that go out of their way to \"slam\" sellers, slander and libel them, when they cant lowball an item or want to post derrogatory remarks about a F/S item.
That has increased 100%, though somewhat rare, here and the FM\'ers on B&S are easy to pick out.
A quick note to Fred and the remarks and poster were removed.

I DONOT do PP Gift and I also check their profiles through various FREE investigative search engines.
I always ask for references and if it doesn\'t feel good, I don\'t do it!

That being said, I have been scammed 2x\'s here on FM..not on the actual body/lense but on the accy\'s that come with it.
Just do your homework.

Dec 31, 2012 at 03:49 PM

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