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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

rafaelcasd wrote:
Zichar wrote:
leighton w wrote:
georgms wrote:
Leighton and Samy - thanks!
Leighton, yes and no - I could have shot the same scene with a superwide as a vertical to get exactly the same perspective - just with a lot more snow in the foreground (lower half of the vertical shot).
The 28PC is well built and fairly compact. I have to get used to the aperture-mechanism.
I hope to find enough spare time to use this lens (and the 85PC too) a bit more in the coming weeks.

saph wrote:
I took shots with the 14-24 one time that someone asked me to, and realized that I was cropping off loads of pixels to get rid of the unnecessary foreground. That\'s what had made me think of a PC lens.

The aperture mechanism is funky, but just a matter of getting used to. And it took me a bit to realize how to do the rotate function, you can combine that with the shift.

BTW, Leighton, do I sense an interest in the 28PC? <hint>Any time I go browsing ebay etc. there seem to be a good number of these out there. </hint>


NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I don\'t think.

You should. Keeps lines remarkably straight

Straight or bulging a bit up, so much fun!!! you need one Leighton.....

Rafael, beautiful examples of pictures taken with the 28PC!

Leighton - it works beautifully on (barn-) doors, hallways and gates too ;-)

Dec 13, 2012 at 11:10 AM

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