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How to get "almost" usable pics from Fuji X-Pro 1 RAWs

One way is obviously RPP, but since I dont have MAC, neither exactly love to pay for something I really dont need..

So here are some steps..

1) download RAW converter called Photivo here


I have x64 version.

2) start it, dont be afraid, its a bit \"non-standart\" RAW developer, but you will get used to it

On left side you will see possibility of opening file. Well, open some RAW.

3) now do following

- Camera color space, use external (it should use ICC within Photivo)
- White balance - intensify
- on left switch to Lab Color/Contrast - color boost to 1,3 (or none if you dont want to saturate)
- then switch to Lab Sharpness/Noise - edge avoiding wavelets - master to 0,30 (right click on number allows you to write)
- DeFringe - you will most likely need Red + Purple on Fuji lens, use 2,0 pixels
- switch to Output - Sigmodial Contrast 4,00
- Output parameters as you wish, Im using TIFF-16bits

(in case you need to correct exposure - switch to RGB and Exposure - Like UFRaw .. or anything you want)

You shouldnt have enabled or touched anything else than I mentioned (but feel free to play.

Down left is 1:X ratio, use 1:1 then \"run the pipe\" thats that play button next to manual (maybe it runs on auto, when you first start it.. dunno). Middle icon on right is to \"save current pipe\". And save your file somewhere.

Now, load product into Photoshop or sumthin like that. Upsize pic to 400% size (Im using 400% bicubic smooth), then downsize pic to 25% using bicubic smooth again. And done.

Its probably not that good as JPEG OOC, but its quite usable I would say. Maybe there some room for improvement in either Photivo or that upsize/downsize part.

In case you dont have super-fine detail or you dont have any blown highlights, you might use pic without upsize/downsize part.

Yea and apparently it saves settings with file soo, maybe you could use mine (load button for profiles next to \"save current pipe\" in Photivo).

http://www.ulozisko.sk/572106/DSCF1401.pts (just type captcha and use download button under, pay no attention to that gibberish .. its Slovakia language in case you wonder and \"stiahni subor\" means \"download file\").

Well hope it helps someone..

PS: In case you dont need big file, just process pic in 1:2 .. no issues at all with that and no up/down size needed.

Dec 07, 2012 at 04:31 AM

  Previous versions of Mescalamba's message #11171973 « "How to" Fuji X-Pro 1 RAWs »