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Re: Reuters photography camera settings

Monito wrote:
dolina wrote: This pretty much convinces me to skip the 24-70 II.

Mistake. The two most popular focal lengths were 24 mm and 50 mm. They were prime lenses for low light (probably both f/1.4), but the flexibility of the zoom should not be under-rated. I expect that in 2013 and beyond, the 24-70 II will show up in the zooms a lot more due to its improved ruggedness over the original: It now maintains sharp calibration far better and longer due to a much better mechanical design (per Roger Cicala). Nowadays with high quality high ISO, you don\'t need f/1.4 instead of f/2.8 nearly as much as you used to.

I\'d be interested with the IS version of this zoom. Better IQ, closer focusing distance and newer USM isn\'t that much of an inducement especially when the filter thread has changed to the much larger 82mm.

For my purposes, skip. For other a must buy.

This graph validates my purchase of the 70-200 IS II.

My explanation for the 5D2\'s popularity comes down to it being full frame, compact, light and relatively cheap to a 1-Series. Not to mention this month marks the 4th anniversary of the body, shipped.

I expect the 5D3 to close the gap between 5D2 in 2013\'s round up but will not overtake it.

This is the same reason why the 1D4 dominates the photos chosen over the 1DX.

Some photo agencies update their photog\'s gear every 18 months or so. Whatever gets replaced either is given to the photog (thus encouraging them to take care of their company\'s property) or given back to their company for a swap out.

Dec 03, 2012 at 07:24 PM

  Previous versions of dolina's message #11162938 « Reuters photography EXIF analysis »