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Re: Sigma DP2 Merrill: Have any of you tried it?

contas wrote:
Seems that the author of the above image learn nothing from discussion.

I don\'t think you are able to judge me on my learning process
Actually I find this thread rather interesting and I did learn a lot of interesting things about this camera in this thread especially about the colourhandling and working with this camera and the PP possibilitys of it. And how to deal with the rather quirky SPP program. I especially like the effort Herb put in here about colourhandling in post processing. Especially for someone like me who is stronger on the creative side then on the technical side of things.

@ Douglas; That the camera has no EVF and no tilting screen is a fact. Still it is possible that this camera has virtues in handling, although it may be look like it is designed like a brick.
I prefer this well designed brick above a lot of other over designed point and shoot cameras.
I sort of like the straightforwardness of it and that continous in the interface and the direct buttons for the adjustments you need the most.
Behind the point and shoot image of this camera lies actually a pocket sized MF quality camera.
I consider these DP Merrill cameras as an experiment and as very innovatory, mainly because of the Foveon sensor, with it\'s amazing output. And I hope it is the beginning of a very promising development. It is very revealing to see the files of this camera/sensor as of a veil has been taken of. And in reach of many people for this price.
And then we have not even spoken about the outstanding Sigma lens. Which is even better then the, before you turned into a happy Leica owner, by you so admired “Sigmarit” lenses for the NEX series.
It is not a camera for casual shooters.

I am also a big fan of an EVF and tilting screens but this camera has so much going for it, image wise, that I can live with it. I do wish they soon share there X3F files with Adobe.

If the bricklike design and the lack of an EVF or tilting screen blocks someone from using this camera is fine, but I hoped we surpassed that stage of the discussions. No need for endlessly repeating it for the sake of having a discussion.


Nov 07, 2012 at 10:29 AM

  Previous versions of sculptormic's message #11098461 « Sigma DP2 Merrill: Have any of you tried it? »