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Re: D800 left focusing problem - is it going away?

LizzieShepherd wrote:
ct8282 wrote:
LizzieShepherd wrote:
ct8282 wrote:
Mine has serial number 6061**.

I'm assuming then that this makes mine a much later manufacture than those start with a 3? Or is there a different serial pattern for those cameras that hit the UK?

I've got one on its way with same - 6006 start - so that may make mine older than yours though they only just got it in so who knows - but seems UK numbering is different. Hoping mine will have no problems though the majority of my work is tripod mounted and focussing manually....

I am very interested to know how you get on with you tests so please report back when you can.

Well I've had a chance to do some tests now - as always I tend to start from a position of assuming/hoping there's nothing wrong and only do tests if I'm getting repeated problems. This did seem to be the case and I've done a test along very similar lines to yours with similar results I'm afraid. I only have the 24-120 f/4 VR lens at this time but it was quite easy to see the problem at f/4! I believe the lens is marginally back focussing to start with but, that aside, the outer left point is nowhere near achieving focus. Right one is a little worse than the centre but not nearly as bad as the left. I've not tried any other points as it's too tedious but the problem is there quite clearly so the shop are going to get back to me on best way forward from here.

Sorry to hear you are having the same problem. I am still waiting for the retailer to sort my issue out. They are telling me that Nikon are actually denying the problem altogether! This is bad news but also very odd seeing that the Nikon service centre in the UK have confirmed that they are aware of the fault and can recall rate the AF points to rectify it.

Either way, I will not rest til I have a D800 that works as I expect a 2k camera to work. Problems with the AF system is just not good enough at this level, or indeed any level of camera in my opinion.

Oct 09, 2012 at 08:53 PM

  Previous versions of ct8282's message #11028571 « D800 left focusing problem - is it going away? »