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Re: How noisy is your 7D?

garyvot wrote: You misunderstand: I am aware of the fallacy of comparing images from cameras having different resolutions and sensor sizes at 100%. I have made the same argument myself many times: you must first equalize magnification to have a valid comparison.

But that\'s not really my point. I would rather have a camera with an APS-C sensor having 12 million *clear and sharp* pixels than one with 18 or 24mp that injects golf-ball size grain at ISO 400 and above and in which noise processing kills all sharpness at the file level.

Ah, I see. Yes, I misunderstood. It looks like you and I are of the same mindset, then.

\"Clear and sharp pixels\" is one of the reasons I held such high hope for AA-filterless cameras like the new Fuji offerings, but it seems -- so far, at least that -- the theory isn\'t being matched by real-world improvements.

Larger sensors with larger sensels still seem to give the best performance at any given point in time. I just wish I could afford the jump to medium format digital.

Oct 09, 2012 at 03:35 AM

  Previous versions of BrianO's message #11026751 « How noisy is your 7D? »