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Re: Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II reviewed by Photozone

Invertalon wrote:
Not exactly sure on your details, but I appear to have a similar thing going on... My left hand side at 24mm is always amazingly sharp, the right though is hit and miss. It tends to be SHARP for foreground stuff, but loses its sharpness near infinity. The left hand side though is always consistently sharp unless for DOF reasons.

I may send my copy in Monday to CPS to let them do adjustments. I emailed them asking if they have the ability to correct such issue or if it is better to just swap it out with retailer. I hope they will do it instead though... My copy is unreal sharp end to end with no CA anywhere and just amazing IQ... Except for the far 1/8 right of the frame...

Odd, it did seem that one side almost had more DOF than the other and that one said liked to make things closer sharper and quickly lost sharpness with subject distance while the other side seemed more even when it came to that.

But even weirder still, I now found a frame at 24mm where I actually have both sides crystal sharp for subjects near mid and far. Does the focus need to be placed at some ideal distance within a scene for it to not get weird field curvature effect very easily? But the thing is I kept focus locked when I was flipping camera upside down and such and with the 24 1.4 II I don\'t think I had any of this weirdness whether I placed focus near or deep into the scene or whether I flipped camera upside down or not. Maybe it\'s very touchy about certain angle combined with certain depths of focus into a scene and how it\'s field curvature acts

Why did this particular 24mm f/8 sample shot seem to turn out absolutely perfect

I mean this shot from it I don\'t really see anything to complain about, it\'s frankly hard to tell apart from the shot taken with the prime (other than it actually has less PF in the far upper left). And yet others it\'s so weird so many where the left side seems to be softer or have the focus shifted much closer to the cam and then flip it upside and it seemed to reverse. But again look at the full shot below, I mean that looks perfectly solid I think. Just a bit softer on the extreme bottom corner edges and extreme, extreme fraction of the farthest L and R edges compared to the 24mm 1.4 II.

shots are a touch grainy since lighting was awful and they were shot at high iso

Look at these two first from 24-70 II:
24-70 II 24mm f/8

And then 24 1.4 II:
24 1.4 II f/8

in this one frame from the 24-70 II I got it perform almost the same as the 24 1.4 II corner to corner 24mm f/8 and the 24-70 II even lacks the PF the 24 1.4 shot has in the upper left

but for many others it almost seemed like focal plane was warping way forward on the left I don\'t know as I said i was too rushed and harried today

but then why did i have an easy time of getting 24 1.4 II to behave?

I\'ll be curious if your results hold up tomorrow.
I thought your flickr samples at 24mm seemed pretty even side to side though, no?
I was impressed with the two 24mm f/8 samples.

Interesting that even at f/8 the 24-70mm II vignettes still, more than the prime.
But also that it fights off PF even better.

Sep 30, 2012 at 12:15 AM

  Previous versions of skibum5's message #11003739 « Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II reviewed by Photozone »