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Re: Unscientific 1DX vs 5D3 high ISO test

stanj wrote:
pompo wrote:
Stan, can the 1dx in Manual mode and auto ISO set exposure compensation ?

and is the highest Shutter speed in AVin auto ISO mode still only 1/250 sec?

stanj wrote:
No. It seems to be moving for me, anyway. This is not a mode I ever thought of using, but it\'s definitely not fixed at 250 or anything else. I\'ve just shot it between 1/30s and 1/1600s at f2.8 at Auto ISO.

SeverianTL wrote:
I think he\'s referring to the maximum shutter speed that can be set as the minimum speed that the camera can select in Auto ISO when in Av or P modes. According to the manuals the maximum settable minimum speed is 1/250 for both cameras. This doesn\'t really matter so much for the 1D since you can independently set the shutter speed range irrespective of ISO or mode. (I don\'t have either camera but the manual PDFs are part of my camera porn collection. )

I will admit that I haven\'t dug too deep for this setting because it doesn\'t have much value for my shooting style, but I have seen both 1/30s as well as 1/1600s shutter speed in Auto ISO mode in Av mode. If it were limited to 1/250, then I should not have seen one of the above, no?

Yep thats correct, I have seen in AV mode auto ISO max 1/320 sec thats as I hight it would go on the 5D MIII

Jul 08, 2012 at 06:22 AM

  Previous versions of pompo's message #10786633 « Unscientific 1DX vs 5D3 high ISO test »