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Re: Got the 1DX: Shadow recovery/DR sample

When I first got my 5d2 I compared mRAW to RAW and decided I liked the noise characteristics of the mRAW a lot more. Tighter grain, etc. Reading your post prompted me to compare mRAW to RAW again on my new 5d3 and I found just the opposite. Tighter grain and a lot more detail. Check out the up arrows on the cardboard Amazon box, the size on the shoe box, and the size on the plastic tupperware. I think I\'ll probably just leave the camera on regular RAW from now on.

I should note that these are ISO 25,600, f/2.8, 16-35mm II, at 35mm. I\'m downsampling the regular RAW to the mRAW size.

garyvot wrote:
skibum5 wrote:
Arun Gupta wrote:
A question to the lens cap photographers: since sRAW appears to be derived from all the original pixels rather than a crop of the RAW, it potentially could have somewhat better noise performance. Can shadows in sRAW be raised more before banding shows up than in the RAW?

kind of in terms of the random noise but not really for the banding and not quite as much as a well treated full RAW that then gets properly filtered and downscaled so it doesn\'t do anything magical for you, all it does is take less space, but since it comes from the RAW and since out of the camera you can do more advanced processing, ultimately, it does worse than the best you could do with the RAW

I\'ve been down the sRAW path before, when the 5D2 was new and I thought I wouldn\'t need 21Mp files for event work and that this approach would let me shoot at higher ISO speeds as Arun Gupta suggests.

I have regretted shooting this in every project I have used it with (in particular for Microsoft shoot where I captured an image of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett that was published across two pages in Fortune magazine).

Beyond the fact that you are throwing away sensor data and resolution, you also lose the ability for other RAW converters to work at their best. An sRAW image has already been de-mosaiced by Canon in-camera, using Canon\'s color profile and noise processing; this affects the resulting sRAW image in some very fundamental ways.

I strongly recommend you think twice about using sRAW.

Jul 04, 2012 at 04:57 PM

  Previous versions of nswelton's message #10777050 « Got the 1DX: Shadow recovery/DR sample »