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Lars Johnsson
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Re: $99 or $500 Gimbal

Javier Munoz wrote:
Lars Johnsson wrote:
Every lens, camera, ballhead should and could be sold for one third of the real price according to the forum experts

Lens and ballheads (lens plates, camera and flash brackets, quick releases, focusing rails....) work with higher profit margins. Cameras dont get that much money.

At any case, it is not my intention to change people ways. If the price of those products suits you and you are OK with their ways then by all means invest in that equipment. I happen to be an \"in betweener\". On one side I am against knock-offs but I am also against what I consider rip offs.

You (or I) don\'t know anything about that. You are just guessing and giving your opinion here. Some lenses or ballheads have high margins and others low. And the same with the other stuff you write about

And yes I\'m sure there are high profit margins on these lenses.






Apr 19, 2012 at 10:26 PM

  Previous versions of Lars Johnsson's message #10559937 « $99 or $500 Gimbal »