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Re: D800: 12-bit RAW vs. 14-bit RAW

crewshin wrote:
Haha, but that demonstrates absolutely nothing in regards to the topic at hand.

You need to understand the context of those sample images. I responded to mshin\'s post of a well-exposed and well-captured 16-bit image. He was asserting that quality of that example can be attributed to the 16-bit capture (and not to the lack of AA filter, a great lens, good lighting technique, etc., etc.) I then demonstrated that bit depth often matters less than what most people think, thanks to dithering and noise. I successively halved the number of levels at each step, so people can judge for themselves.

Tweak the photo after each reduction and then see how far those bit depths get you.

Again, you may have missed the other dozen or so posts I made in this thread alone about the results of major adjustments on 12-bit vs 14-bit as well as lossy vs lossless compression.

Prove \"huge\" with a photo? I don\'t need to. Look at the math. 12288 MORE levels of precision. 12bit has only 4096 colors total.

Did you and afm901 take the same math class? A 12-bit capture allows for 4096 discrete data values, not colours. A 14-bit capture allows for 16384 discrete values, not colours. Mathematically, the difference is obvious. But if that\'s all your consider, you\'ve failed. As I mentioned in a previous post, we do not live in a perfect, mathematical world. Our capture devices, our display devices, our own eyes and brains... those are all analog devices. Since you are so seemingly keen on the math side of things, you may want to read up on probability theory, statistical mechanics, and signal processing. You will then have a better understanding of how images are actually captured, and why 12-bit vs 14-bit vs 16-bit often makes no difference.

If you are the type of photographer that does push things around in post... then you will gain HUGE benefits from using 14bit lossless... yes... even over 12bit lossless. That\'s a 12288 precision difference between 12 and 14bit.

Again, you\'ll have to demonstrate this. If you are confident in your assertions, it should be easy for you to show us some examples of these \"huge benefits\" you speak of. But since you\'ve chickened out of this discussion, I\'m thinking you have nothing else to offer us.

Apr 15, 2012 at 02:44 PM

  Previous versions of taob's message #10544789 « D800: 12-bit RAW vs. 14-bit RAW »