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Re: Still no love for the Ricoh GXR?

Very interesting Joakim.

This is not a remarkable contribution to follow that but at least one that might have some interest as to the actual usage of the GXR M what with moire and false color and what my files look like when opened up in PS after RAW conversion in RPP:

Images are quite dull as I have done no sharpening at all. I dialed in a little contrast boost because the light this morning is very flat. Apart from that, no alterations. Image shot with a 35/1.2 at f2.

Full image:

The moire inducing blinds across the street:

Roof steel mesh, small detail, unsharpened:

I am not sure if it is just me, but I see very little to no false color, I see no objectionable moiré and the vents under the windows and the window posts look clean.

And, before anyone starts screaming about the \"stairstepping\" in the cable on the last image; there is no stairstepping, it is a coiled cable, it is supposed to look like that.

A snippet from RPP on how the processing is done;
\"RPP uses slow and precise 32-bit floating point calculations to provide best conversion results and this kind of processing speed doesn’t go along with any kind of real time previews. Most of other converters use integer math which is a lot faster, but it is very rough and inconsistent. It creates a lot of artifacts, noise, decreases dynamic range, resolution, posterize and spoil colors. To cover all those issues up vendors have to introduce various smoothing and noise filtering techniques which degrade images even farther. Just do a simple comparison - difference is easy to see on a sharp shot.
Since good math requires a lot of power RPP can use all available CPUs on your system. By default it will use 2 cores and usually this is enough since most of modern Macs have only 2 cores. On Mac Pro and some iMacs RPP can use all available (4, 8 or more) but this feature available only to donators.\"

Could this be why my RPP files look way better than with ACR, and possibly a lot of other RAW converters which will introduce a lot of funny stuff I didn\'t ask for? I won\'t judge any camera/sensor/RAW-converter combination before I tried it myself, or someone I trust has tried it in a reasonable way.

Feb 18, 2012 at 09:35 AM

  Previous versions of kosmoskatten's message #10356412 « Still no love for the Ricoh GXR? »