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AEOLUS, EOS and us

Wind is an enemy of nature (outdoor) photographer.

* shakes flowers, treebranches and leaves which we may wish to photograph.
* accelerates birds in flight beyond our own and our gear\'s capture capability.
* pushes against our body and shakes the camera/lens even if tripod mounted.
* blows water spray (sand, dust) onto our gear.
* in winter, wind can result in a high degree of discomfort and feeling of extreme cold.

When it comes to photography with Canon\'s long lenses, what is that one can do in order to minimize the wind\'s unsettling effect on our camera/lens ?

* Try to align the lens with the wind direction, i.e., avoid shooting when the lens is side blown.

* Avoid hand-held shooting, mount the lens on a pod.

* Remove the lens hood.

* Use physically the smallest lens in your arsenal ( e.g., use 300 f/4 instead of 300 f/2.8).

* Make sure lens IS is on.

* Increase shutter speed.

* Lower your shooting position down to the ground as much as possible.

Any other ideas/suggestions ?

Dec 18, 2011 at 03:06 PM

  Previous versions of PetKal's message #10176128 « AEOLUS, EOS and us »