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Withdrawn: 50mm Voigtlander Heliar f 2.0 - Excellent
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Withdrawn: 50mm Voigtlander Heliar f 2.0 - Excellent

 Item updated in the last 24 hours Item price reduced in the last 24 hours   50mm Heliar f 2.0 Excellent -with M mount

Item Withdrawn

Price: $675.00
Payment method: PayPal
Item condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear
Shipping instructions: US Postal CONUS only

Voigtlander Anniversary 50mm Heliar f 2.0 Excellent condition. Both Glass and body are excellent. Original Voigtlander adapter to Leica M mount is included.

This is a gorgeous and rare (only 600 ever made) Voigtlander Heliar 50mm f 2.0 - Nickle plated lens for Leica M mount cameras.

Complete with original boxes, plus L39-M mount flange, Hood, caps, and a 39mm B&W protective filter. Serial # H073.

The nickel 50/2 Heliar is a rigid lens - it does not collapse.

Price drop to $675
Priority USPS Shipping CONUS only is included. Payment by Paypal only.

Third photo .. lens shown mounted on a Leica T - the camera body (equipped with M to T adapter) is not included in this sale. However, I will say it worked great on the T. Mounted on a crop sensor camera, this lens will yield an ideal Portrait focal length of 75mm. I love the "film like" colors... it is sharp, and the Bokeh is smooth. - see last photo – ‘Spoons’ taken with this lens.

RANGEFINDER NEWBIES: This is a Leica Screw Mount Lens.  It will work perfectly and rangefinder couple to all classic Leica Screw Mount.cameras, including all Leica Screw Mounts

  With the included Leica M adapter, the lens will mount and rangefinder focus on all Leica M mount cameras. 

Nov 05, 2017 at 03:12 PM

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