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Weekly assignment 306: Overhead
Deadline: August 20th noon UTC/GMT

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#787 I see you!
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We are in Amsterdam getting ready to head out on a river cruise. We leave tomorrow so today we were walking around the town and in the main square was this vendor demonstrating a rope and sticks and how you can make bubbles with them. So my wife and I decide that we are going to play a bit with them as the wind took them.

The photo represents a bit of luck as she was going to try and hold it in her hand. The wind kept moving it and as it would be I snapped the photo as the bubble was almost centered on her face! You can see the little gal to the left smiling as she too was having fun chasing the bubbles.

I hope this brings back some great bubble memories for each of you as you look at the photo!

©Herb 2017

I see you...you canít hide behind the bubble!

Nov 02, 2017 at 04:28 PM

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