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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · TVC-23

I finally had an opportunity to use the TVC-23 tripod for a 3-day weekend.

On level surfaces it's fine for a 5'8" or so, but can be rather short on uneven surfaces. I added the dedicated 2-series leveling base which increases height about two inches. (Still I wish the tripod were natively a bit longer.) The leveling base integrates into the tripod by replacing the small center platform, and is better than a separate leveler like the Acratech that I also have access to use. I think it is the best leveling base of the type, but the bowl leveler with the long handle for the 3-series RRS/3-series Gitzo systematics is better for control.

Although the base of the leveler is sized nicely for the BH-55, many would probably use a 2 series RRS (really a 3 series in Gitzo terms) with a BH-40 especially on the standard base without the leveler. However, I don't use the BH-40 for several reasons and instead used the Markins Q20i. It is a nice fit for this tripod an obviously lighter than the BH-55. At this point I'll probably keep using the old Gitzo 3530LS and RRS bowl leveler for most purposes and deploy the TVC-23 and leveler for international travel where a smaller tripod is better for the luggage. I'm less frequently height limited for wildlife anyway.

I'm having second thoughts on the head choice for my next venture. I obtained the small Jobu full gimbal (Jr. 3 Deluxe) to use instead of the Q20i/BVL-22, but I really enjoyed using the smooth Q20i recently. It's difficult to decide since I rarely use anything but a collared lens for the specific location. There are almost too many choices!


Oct 29, 2017 at 06:55 PM

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